EUROVICE Executive comprises of more than 30 years of experience from top management in International Industrial Companies in Europe and the US.


EUROVICE Executive act as Industry Advisor and Consultant to several Private Equity Funds on strategic acquisitions in Primary Packaging, AGRO, Renewable Energy and Industry in general. EUROVICE Executive is working closely with Executive Management and Board of Directors on strategy, execution of business plans and turnaround management.

EUROVICE provides analysis of specific targets, based on visit to factories and HQ, review of Management and operations, review of current business plans, advising on potential upsides, growth and market opportunitiesand further relevant acquisitions

EUROVICE Executive has a strong experience in Turnaround assignments in Europe and offers Top Management support, Strategic advice or Execution in cooperation with Management.

EUROVICE has a documented record in transforming from the Strategic level to Execution of Strategy in companies.

EUROVICE Executive IVS, Sportsvej 15, 7500 Holstebro, Danmark,
CVR-nummer 39891344 – SE-nummer 39904713
EUROVICE Executive, SchaffelkingerWeg 3, 89077 Ulm, Germany
UST. ID. NR. DE312340329
Telephone contact +45 216 316 04